Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A New Type of Hangover

I know what you're thinking. And no, it has nothing to do with experimenting with the affects of mixing various alcoholic beverages. No, no - this hangover is a beautiful thing.

Folks, for the first time in my life, I would like to announce my ...MEAT HANGOVER!!!
A what?! you may ask. Let me explain: a meat hangover is the residual effects which linger the morning after a serious night of meat eating. The family was celebrating - one brother getting out of the army, one brother going into the army, and my dad leaving a job which he has hated for the last 6 years. We went to Papagaio, and all you can eat Brazilian style restaurant. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I am an avowed carnivore. It began when my dad would take my twin and I to the zoo at the tender age of 2 and give us a lesson in meat cuts.

Dad: Kids, do you see the cow?

Aliza and Bro: Yes Daddy.

Dad: Now listen carefully. That's steak, and that's ribs, and over there is entrecote...

Aliza and Bro: Yes Daddy.

Daddy: Let's go look at the lambs...

Despite my mother's protestations that we were going to end up in psychiatric care for being taught to view the cow as dinner and not as a mooing mamal, we've turned out alright and retained the valuable lessons my father taught us.

But back to the present. After the true decadence of dinner, during which my admittedly limited stomach protested numerous times and was studiously ignored, hubby had to take the wheel as I was lapsing into a fairly comatose state due to the serious digestion which my body had embarked upon. I rolled into bed and woke up the next morning feeling a little worse for the wear. I'll spare you the details of the nausau, etc, but suffice to say I didn't eat a thing that day. Since it was Friday, I was busy shopping and the hubby and I cooked up a storm. True to our love, we prepared 6 kilos of corned beef, and almost all of it was eaten by ourselves and our guests that night.

One day, when I'm older and my cholesterol just ain't what it used to be, I suppose I'll have to pursue chicken in liue of beef. But until that day comes... Vive la boeuf!!!


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