Monday, March 13, 2006

I Feel Violated

My happy pseudo-suburbian lifestyle has been shattered. My home, privacy and personal space have been invaded, and there is little I can do about it. The police are of no help, it is up to myself and hubby to defend ourselves. Yes folks, we're on our own.

My friend Adam, who was mentioned 6 posts ago, slept over on Saturday night, as he does not live in the city and had an early start on Sunday morning. While he was making himself breakfast, he opened the cabinet under the dairy sink, slowly turned to me and said, "Do you have mice? I really think I just saw something move down there." I poo-pooed him and said it was probably the grey pipe in the corner, he hadn't had a morning cup of coffee yet, etc.

Last night, as I opened the cabinet to take out a rag, I said to hubby (who was doing the dinner dishes - yay!), "Adam thought he saw a mouse here yesterday-oh sh*t!!!" For on top of the rag bin was a LOT of mice poop. I recognized them from the time there was a mouse problem in my work place a few years ago and it was solved when the darling creature decided to drown itself in my tea mug which I had left half full when I left one evening. Anyway, back to the present, I went into full-fledge female mode, shrieking and doing the little "ewww, there's a mouse, ahhhhh!!!" dance as the brave hubby went in. We found its, the half-chewed roll of paper towels which it used to make its nest and a variety of other little, ah, clues as to its presence. The irony of it is, mousie decided to make its home in the cabinet with all the cleaning fluids and the faily toxic bug sprays. Go figure. Hubby blocked up the small entrance that mousie had been using, and cleaned the area, while I threw all of our rags into the wash, saying "ewww, ewww, ewww" the entire time.

The funny thing is, I've never had a problem with rodents. I had a hamster for years, and a childhood friend, Rachel, had a cute pet rat. Had I been living in an apartment with other girls, I probably would have been the one to deal with it. It's odd how the presence of a man turned me into a shrieking, girly...thing, something which had not previously been part of my persona (when it came to bugs, mice, etc.) But for now I'll just thank hubby for stepping up to bat and taking care of our little intruder.



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