Sunday, February 05, 2006

Echo From a Bygone Era

Normally, I have to car to take to work and run my various errands. Since the hubby needed the car today, I was thrown at the mercy of the public transportation system. I cannot recall the last time I got on a bus, though there was a time (about a year and a bit ago) where I knew where the majority of Jerusalem bus lines went and where their stops were.

All during the intifada, I insisted in taking buses as a means of defiance. In my mind, refusing to take a bus out of fear was acquiesing to terrorists, allowing others to set my path for me. I've never been one to take being bullied and felt that continuing to use and support the public transportation system (along with cafes, restaurants and bars) was a means of resistance, defiance and my own little way of saying "*F*&% You" to all those who wished to terrorize me.

However, certain habits still remain, despite the near cessation of bombings. Whenever I get on a bus, I quickly scan everyone sitting there, and try to sit near an exit. During the bus ride, and elderly gentleman sat down in the seat next to me. As I felt someone settling in next to me, I quickly turned to see who my new seat companion was. To my suprise and utter delight, the gentleman (and I purposely use this term) nodded at me, and then raised his cap, saying,

"Boker Tov G'veret" (Good Morning Ma'am)

In today's day and age, where we interact with the majority of people in our lives via cell phones and internet, it was a pleasure to have such a pleasant interaction with a stranger, albeit brief.
And hey, I am an utter romantic. Having someone tip their cap at me is straight out of the movies and really made my day.


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