Monday, May 22, 2006

Meme Strikes...

It was just a matter of time... I've been A-Z Meme-ed by Dot Co Dot Il

Accent: We all have accents, mine happens to be neutral East Coast American. You can't exactly place me...

Booze: oooh, tough one. I'd narrow it down to Barbar, Archers, anything with Kahluah, and the occasional tequila slammer if I'm regressing.

Chore I hate: Any type of cleaning or organizing. Ask the hubby, poor guy gets stuck with most of it.

Dogs/Cats: My parents have an adorable doggie named Bob, who I still consider to be mine, and I'm working on the hubby to concinve him of the merits of a Lab Retriever.

Electronics: TV, VCR, DVD, Laptop and a newly aquired Ipod which can hold up to 15,ooo songs.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Ralph Blue, Chanel Chance, Gap Dream and Issey Miyake cologne.

Gold/Silver: I would do platinum if they had it in Israel, but white gold has been a favorite of mine since I declared at the tender age of 10 that I would have a silver wedding band, since I didn't like yellow, and was then introduced to white gold.

Hometown: It's a bit confusing, I suppose I would say Pittsburgh, as that was the last place I lived in prior to Aliyah, but I've bounced around a bit in the last 9 years. I would have to say that Jerusalem is and will always be my hometown, regardless of where I live.

Insomnia: When I started my job, all the time. Now, only occasionally, but I'm a light sleeper so I can't remember the last time I slept through the night.

Job Title: Program Coordinator, Freelance Yad Vashem tour guide, private English tutor, full time student and I'm pretty sure that's it.

Kids: Nope, we are still able to whisk ourselves off to a weekend getaway based on our whims and desires... Not that we've ever done that. Yet.

Living Arrangements: Living in a stunning, renovated apartment which hubby and I designed (if I do say so myself) in an old Arab house in Baka, which still has the original well underneath it!

Most Admired Trait: Where to begin? I suppose my gift of gab is a good starter.

Number of Sexual Partners: I plead the fifth, as my mother reads this on occasion.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Excluding birth and quite a few daytime procedures, just one, when I had tubes, tonsils and adnoids removed when I was 6. At least I got a week of school off!

Phobia: I don't like elevators. Not the closed space, the mechanism itself. I use them, but reluctantly.

Quote: Know Thyself (Socrates)

Religion: Modern Orthodox, also know as Dati light or the "grey zone".

Siblings: Twin brother who is 1 minute older than I am, little brother who is twenty and have ing his swearing in ceremony for a commando army unit on Thursday and my baby sister who is 14, in 9th grade, and has an attitude. She gets it from me :)

Time I Usually Wake Up: To damn early.

Unusual Talent: I can bend over backwards and grab my ankles. It's amazing what a minor case of scoliosis allows you to do!

Vegetable I Refuse To Eat: Olives. Nasty, gross, smelly things. They are only good for oil and minor forms of torture.

Worst Habit: Nail biting. Which is why acrylics are such a great investment.

Xenophobia: Are you kidding me? I could strike up a conversation with a brick wall if I needed to. Now if the wall were to answer back, we may have a problem.

Yummy Foods I Love: Too many! But to name a few, there is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, stuffed grape leaves, anything chocolate, kubbeh chamusta, rare sirloin stake, hot chocolate cake....

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Whew, this thing takes time! I tag Gila.... You're it chicka!


Blogger Sweettooth120 said...

I thought Sirloin wasn't kosher?

1:53 AM  
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